Lido – Traditional Latvian Cousine

Lido Latvian Cuisine

Traditional Latvian Cuisine

I will write about Latvian cuisine on another article but now i will tell you where you must try these delicious meals. This is one of my favorite restaurant in Latvia and it’s name is Lido. They are chain restaurants so there are several Lido restaurants in Riga. You will see one of them in old town. I suggest you to try a dinner or lunch there. They have traditional Latvian meals. You ma check their website from here.

Lido is a self service restaurant. There are different sections for each type of food. Meats are another section, fish is another and desserts are another. You may pick your choices and pay at cash desk. There are people at cash desk with traditional Latvian clothes.

Lido Recreation Centre

Big Lido

The biggest Lido is on Krasta Iela (Street). It is located at number 76. You may find the most variant of meal here. This Lido has activity garden and delicatessen also. You may buy bacon or some other stuff and take them to your home.

Tastes worth to try

I lose myself everytime i get in Lido. They have several types of potatoes. My favorite ones are the round ones which are on the photo. I add mushroom sauce on them most of the time. There are some other sauces also. You may try depending on your taste.


They have 2-3 types of rice meals. Mostly with vegetables or meat. I like their bbq meals also. There are pork, chicken, fish options too.

You may try fresh fruit juices as drink. They have fruit juice coctails which tastes really good. But there is also beer option which you can try Latvian beers.


Sweet end


If you are a type of person who can not finish their meals without desserts then Lido is right place for you. They have different type of desserts which i guess you haven’t experienced before. One of their traditional dessert is the one which they make with rye bread. It must be the one which is on the right at the photo. It is a bit different dessert. Everyone may not like it but worth to try!



Labu apetiti! (Bon apetit)

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