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House of Blackheads - Latvia

Latvia – The country of the people with good heart

Every person has places where they feel themselves happy, and even they have obsessions about it. Latvia is like this for me. I feel happy and peaceful there. I have been to many countries. From Russia to Spain, from Egypt to Greece. I haven’t felt that peace at any of them which i felt at Latvia. Because of that i went there 6 times in 3 years. Not for to see new places as a tourist but to sit at Vermanes Park and read book, to eat nice local meals at Lido, to listen Latvian folk music and drink delicious beers at Ala. And at these times i always had my good hearted Latvian friends and some other Latvians which i haven’t met before. They always made me feel good and happy.

For me Latvia is a bit like Shire from The Lord Of The Rings. There are too many green areas. As he says in the video below “To be honest %50 of Latvia is not covered in forest which means the other %50 is”. Like Gandalf said about Shire most of the people on world scarcely aware of existince of Latvia. Which i am very thankful 🙂 When some locations get popular local people and cities change. I like Latvia this way. But anyway… I will write about this heaven from the things i have learnd from my visits for the people who want to visit it. Get ready!

People of Latvia

While we begin to tour…

Geographically :

Latvia is a Baltic country. There is Baltic Sea on it’s west and Estonia on it’s north. Other neighbours are Lithuania at south, Russia and Belarus on east.

Population :

Around 2 million. %25 of population has Russian roots.

Language :

Their language is Latvian. As %25 of population has Russian roots some of them also speak Russian language too. But as i experienced a regular Latvian speaks 3 languages minimum.

Transportation :

It is around 20 minutes from Riga airport to downtown by bus. I will write more details about it on another article.

Why you must visit Latvia?

If you plan a classic touristical tour then 1,5-2 days are enough to see just Riga. But there are many beauties on other cities. If you have same logic with me then i recommend you to rent a flat close to old town and have a peaceful 1 week. You may taste different and delicious meals, relax at calm parks, taste delicious Latvian beers at bars which i will write about them at my blog. I suggest you to get some local friends. Then you will be impatient to visit Latvia again!

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