Liepaja – The City Where The Wind Is Born

Liepaja Beach
Liepaja Beach

Liepaja, such as Riga, is a city of history where you can also enjoy the sun and sea. Let’s take a closer
look at this coastal town in this article where WW 2 has its marks.

Liepaja is located on the west coast of Latvia where the beautiful Baltic Sea shows itself. Liepaja, as it
is an important coastal town, has become a military zone in the course of time. There is a region in
the city which is named as “Karosta” and it means “naval port” in English.



Karosta Ruins
Karosta Ruins

It shouldn’t surprise you to see damaged/razed buildings nearby the seaside of Karosta as you can
see in the above picture. This place founded by the Tsarist Russians at the end of 1800s then
abandoned in time, it has become a ruin. It wouldn’t be wrong to call this place as an “open-air museum”.


If you are interested in history, you should consider Karosta as the first place to check in the city of
Liepaja. Actually, I can suggest you stay in Karosta Prison.

Karosta Prison

This place is going to be an interesting experience for you beyond any doubt. There, you can visit the
museum, book yourself a prison cell room to stay or sign yourself up to an “escape the prison” game.

Karosta Prison
Karosta Prison

In short, you should definitely visit Karota Prison if you are in Liepaja.

City Center

It is not as charming as the Riga City Center but it doesn’t mean that it is not worth to see. As in many
coastal towns in the world, Liepaja’s seafood also worth to try. I ate “Cod Fish” myself and quite
enjoyed it. Normally, I am not a seafood person as I don’t like picking the bones out of the fish but I
must say I would have eaten more Cod Fish, it was delicious. Do not forget to give a chance to their

Liepaja Walk of Fame
Liepaja Walk of Fame

Liepaja is also known with its musicians. They have produced a lot of famous musicians/bands so if
you check the above picture, there you can see their own Hollywood’s Walk of Fame-ish street where
musicians leaving their handprints.
The last thing you should know about Liepaja is its local winds. It is a very windy city and that’s the
reason why it is known as “the city where the wind is born.”

Liepaja Monument
Liepaja Monument

The Beach of Liepaja

Liepaja is one of the preferred sea-side holiday zones of Latvia. Do not think its sun won’t be strong
as Latvia is a northern country, I did that mistake and my body became a giant bacon! The sea
becoming mossy somedays so if you considering a visit to the seaside and swimming, check the sea
state beforehand.
One last thing worth the mention is the monument in the above picture, it is standing there in
memory of the fishermen and the sea captains who lamented on the sea. (RIP)


St. Nicholas Cathedral

St. Nicholas Cathedral at Liepaja
St. Nicholas Cathedral at Liepaja

The cathedral has been built in 1903 and named after St. Nicholas, the protector of the sailors. There
are a lot of paintings inside the cathedral but I can not say that I am impressed but the architecture
of the building is amazing, you should visit and see it with your own eyes.

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