Shopping in Latvia – What to Buy – Souvenir Guide

Latvian souvenirs
Latvian souvenirs

Where to buy souvenirs in Riga and what to buy? Shopping in Riga!

Alright, you came to Riga. Enjoyed the city, had your excursion. You have tasted Latvian cuisine. Well now it is time to do some souvenir shopping for to bring some memories to home. Right? But what you must buy from Latvia as souvenir? Where you must buy them? I will try to answer them within limits of my knowledge. Here is your shopping guide.

Old gods became souvenirs

Latvia and other Baltic countries are the last ones to become Christian nations in Europe. They were Pagans before. And Latvia still keeps some of Pagan culture from their roots. Because of that you may see products with Pagan symbols nearly at every souvenir shop. Hats, tshirts, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, gloves, scarves…Etc. You will see them when you go to shopping. But i will recommend you my favorite souvenir shop. It’s name is Look at Riga. It is right behind the House of Blackheads. They are selling design products from Baltic countries. Additionaly they have 5D cinema. You may have a flight tour over Riga at this cinema. It’s cool.

Latvian honey
Latvian honey

Take the sweet taste of Latvia to your home with some Honey

This is one of the must buy product for me when i go to Latvia. When i go out for shopping i always buy some jars of honeys. You must try these tastes and decide whichone is best for you. They sell on streets, at souvenir shops, at Riga Central Market… My faorite brand is Daugmales Medus. Here is a link to their Facebook page. They have shop on Peterbaznicas Street in Old Town of Riga. So you may try to check their tastes when you are having your shopping tour.

Riga central market
Riga central market

For gourmet travellers

Riga Central Market.  It was built as a zeppelin factory in past. Then it was converted to market. There are 9 zeppelin hangars left on world and 5 of them are here. All hangars are pavilions for different products such as dairy produtcs, meat products, vegetables, fruits… This place is built on 72.000 meters square. You may have a little shopping tour here and take some delicious Latvian tastes to your home.

Antiques for collectors

Riga has many antiques shops. You may find some in Old Town of Riga but i like the ones which are on Caka Street. You may find Soviet time gas masks, books, tapes, meda…Etc. They are all waiting for their new owners.

Latvian amber
Latvian amber

Latvia the heaven of amber

Amber is one of the most importan souvenir you may buy from Latvia. Latvia is famous with their amber as they are like center for this material on the area. You will see amber products on every souvenir shop, street sellers. There are some souvenir shops which sell just amber products. Going to Latvia and not buying an amber product is lik going to Mc Donalds and not buying a hamburger 🙂

Enjoy your shopping in Riga!

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